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Bali Theatre investment at safari park complex at Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19.8 of Gianyar Regency is big enough, it reached tens of millions Rupiah, could not calculated it straightly in business point of view just like any other business.
“Even so, we still optimist with the existence of art and cultural performance facilities that in its initial phase raising sendratari – Balinese drama and dance – ‘Bali Agung’ will able to attract world tourist attention,” said General Manager Bali Safari & Marine Park (BSMP) Hans Manansang, on Wednesday.
He delivered that thing when explained the existence of Bali Theatre has capacity for 1.200 seats competed with air-conditioned. The explanation also delivered by the famous creative director, Peter J. Wilson, famous Balinese wayang puppeteer, I Made Sidia, performance technical team as well as Sales & Marketing Director for Bali Theater, John Sumampau.
in this occasion also will be introduced short episode for ‘Bali Agung’ performance involving 150 artisans, some animals such as elephant, tiger, cow, camel, snake and group of duck with Chinese sailing ship modification, almost all perform together on stage.
According to Hands Manansang, his party needs to introduce the short performance before Bali Theatre launching on Sunday (August 29th) and start to open for public viewers on Tuesday (August 31) with US$45 ticket tariff or 500 thousand Rupiah per person. Ticket order can be done through www.balitheatre.com or email it to info@balitheatre.com.
The performance also stand as an experiment to see the performance of all support device, dancer, traditional and modern music instrument players, harmony between the performance art with the artistic point of view.
Even though the big investment is not straightly calculated based on profit and losses as well as with capital return, but he feels with the existence of Bali Theatre and Bali Agung sendratari will give big part in the development of culture, art and tourism in Bali.
“At least we try to participate in preserving and developing art, culture and tourismin Bali, forget about profit or losses we would gain from here, we hope for facilities in this BSMP could support it. If we gains loss from it we would counted it as cross subsidy. I just could only hope that we could move forward,” he said.
Concerning the huge number of investment, Hans give one small example of lamp price on stage that worth 1.5 million Rupiah in regard to its number that reached 500 of lamps with limited useable time, actively used for three months only. “Experimental usable time almost three months already, make we have to re-new them before opened Bali Theatre for public,” he said whilst accompanied by Bali Theatre Marketing Manager, Ratna Soebrata.
Modern theatre of “Bali Agung” performing historical and legendary story of Sri Jaya Pangus from Balingkang Kingdom in 12th century who had romantic relationship with a woman until get her as his beloved wife, Kang Ching Wie, daughter of a noble from China.
The presence of that Chine noble daughter appeared with her riding a unique red sailboat on stage together with snake, tiger, camel and more. Meanwhile, at the background of the gigantic stage 80 meter x 40 meter performed group of male and female children, life full of activities of people fishing, carrying their ducks and lots that reflecting old Balinese way of life.
News by Antara Bali

There are 12 handicap people from Senang Hati Foundation who succeeded flagged merah-putih – Indonesian for national flag color of red and white – underwater on the Independent Day celebration of 65th Indonesian Republic on August 17th, Tuesday.
Those 12 handicap people were accompanied by tens divers as their companions. They succeeded flagged merah-putih at a depth around 7 meter in Tulamben Sea of Karangasem.
Although they have physical obstacle, those handicap people could give independent gift through showing their spirit and physical fighting spirit.
The team consists of four flag officers, Gusti Lanang Wirawan, Komang Astawa, Aris and Wayan Sugianto. Then are 2 flag carriers, Dayu Wiadnyani and Wayan Parwati.
The remaining members are Sang Ayu Nyoman Puspa, Kadek Candrawasih, Keutu Sudianti, Nyoman Rudiawan and Nyoman Budiarsa.
“Merdeka” screamed Aris – freedom – one of the member who looks so happy after conducted that ceremony underwater.
For several weeks they were trained under the guidance of Afandi Junaedi, dive master who helped them trained for the last three years.
Underwater flagged on the independent day was the second time conducted by Senang Hati. The first one was in 2008 at Sanur Beach, Denpasar.
News by Berita Bali
Kuta was formerly a fishing and agricultural village located in the coastal region of Indian Ocean. The region has narrow land going along the beach and forming a linear pattern strengthened by Tukad Mati River.

Since 1960s until these days, Kuta has been known as the busiest tourist resorts in Bali. Tourists come to have a fun in the small village belonging to Badung Regency. Recently, Kuta is increasingly identical to a resort with glamorous image of activities: surfing, shopping, sun bathing, or just enjoying the atmosphere of the world along with all existing tourism facilities. Even, Kuta is also known as a never-sleeping destination.

Kuta actually plays an important role in the history of modern Bali, especially in terms of tourism. Kuta can be called at the forefront of creating the image of Bali as a location for world tourism. Similarly, Kuta has long been known as a place providing the fecund place for pluralism.

Before looking further at Kuta as a tourism destination, in fact many places have made Kuta known by outsiders as an intriguing destination in relation to its development until today. They are Pasih Perahu Beach, Vihara Dharmanaya, Mads Lange Tomb and Monument of Bali Bomb. Even, the two last names are already widely known.

According to the official historical book of the Kuta Municipality, Kuta has begun to be known since 1336 AD where Gadjah Mada and Majapahit troops landed on the southern coast. Later, this area became known as Tuban, like a name of small town on the coast of East Java.2-Sahid_Kuta_

Since it was a good place for landing ship, in the long run the area became a small port. Local residents called the area of Segara Hamlet, Kuta with the name Pasih Perahu meaning beach of the boats. It is the historical evidence of Kuta that can not be separated from the existence of beach of the boats.

Physical evidence indicating the place had been a harbor can be seen from the building at Pura Pesanggrahan temple at that location. At the front of the temple, there is a miniature of boat built in 2002, as a form of respect paid by local residents to their ancestors who landed at that place.

Besides, it is also mentioned during the Dutch colonial era, Kuta has become one of trade centers in Bali. At that time, a Danish citizen named Mads Johansen Lange became the harbormaster of Kuta. Mr. Lange, thus Kuta residents called him, played an important role towards the development of Kuta for introducing it to the outside world, although inseparable from the position of Mr. Lange had a slightly relation to colonial government.

Nature’s beauty, friendly people, unique culture and history have made Kuta like today becoming one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. With the famous sunset, sea and sloping beach covered by white sand, friendliness and warmth of the community accepting the presence of foreigners have made Kuta unmatched tourist destinations throughout Indonesia.

Those facts make Kuta currently experience a very rapid development of tourism facilities because of the drive of tourist needs wishing to stay longer in Kuta. Even, some of them stay there and make Kuta as their second home. When more and more foreign tourists are staying in Kuta, food and beverages become their daily needs, so do not worry if the local habits will change, too. It can be seen in the household goods, clothing and even a lifestyle!

There is no longer a dark corner and every single place has been illuminated, accompanied by the sound of frenetic music and much more make Kuta as the never-sleeping city. Likewise, this condition makes Kuta as a multi-ethnic city inhabited by many people from different parts of the world. Is this also an image of an unlimited global lifestyle? Though shaken by bomb blast in October 2002, Kuta is still promising where tourists from different parts of the world continuously want to visit this legendary tourism resort in the southern Bali. Even, Kuta will be a window to the world for Bali.

3-Sahid_Kuta_With such a great potency owned by Kuta makes Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort, an Oasis in the Heart of Kuta enriching the venues required by tourists coming to Kuta. Spreading 250 meters long, right in the heart of Kuta and overlooking the Indian Ocean, Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort is the latest majestic project to be done in the most famous tourism area of Bali. The project consists of Sheraton Bali Kuta, a 5 stars hotel with 200 rooms scheduled to open in 2012, existing Harris Resort Kuta which opened in 2004, the additional hotel facilities, and a lifestyle center that is scheduled to open in October 2011 with the so-called beachwalk.

Architecture of the resort was truly inspired by the shape of rice terraces and created by Enviro Tec from Singapore; looking like a hanging garden in the middle of Kuta beach where all walls of the building will be covered by creeping plants.

Greeneries leading to the second floor where the hotel lobby can be seen will surround the entrance of Sheraton Bali Kuta, giving a soothing sensation from the crowded Kuta. Lobby area is located on the third floor showcasing a breathtaking panoramic ocean view.

The hotel will provide various facilities such as all-day coffee shop, specialty restaurants, bar, spa, gym, ballroom and meeting facilities. However, the most distinctive facility will be beachwalk, a luxurious lifestyle center with contemporary Balinese architecture and exquisite garden design, ponds and fountains against a backdrop of panoramic Kuta Beach view.

Surrounded by more than 5,000 hotel rooms and featuring 120 stores and eateries of international retail brands in combination with the best brands of Bali, beachwalk is intended to serve as a lifestyle center not only to the hotel guests but also to any visitors which integrates perfectly with the crowds and joyfulness of Kuta area.

To anticipate the traffic and parking issues in the area, Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort has prepared two entrances, through Jalan Pantai Kuta and Jalan Poppies 2. The resort is also equipped with the largest parking facility on the island accommodating up to 800 vehicles and motorbikes.

Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort will work closely with local government to re-arrange public pedestrian, plant greeneries and create water fountains and ponds in the area. It can be said that Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort will not only be the best lifestyle compound on the island but also in giving a unique touch to Kuta’s appearance.

4-Sahid_Kuta_For leasing inquiry, please contact Enny Setiady – GM Marketing, beachwalk @ Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort, Jalan Pantai Kuta - Bali 80361, T: +62 361 765 777, F: +62 361 759 111, E:
Head of Jakarta Transportation Office Udar Pristono urged Jakartans not to travel by motorcycles to their hometowns for Idul Fitri celebration because it endangers their lives.

“Please go by public transportation means,” Pristono said as quoted by tempointeraktif.com on Sunday.

Even though there is no written prohibition on the use of motorcycles, Pristono said that his office will cooperate with the police in maintaining order during the annual exodus in which most Jakartans usually return to their hometowns to ask for forgiveness from their parents and other elder relatives.

Many motorists have fatally fallen victims to traffic accidents during the exodus.

Pristono further said that in order to anticipate a surge in the number of passengers during the Ramadan fasting month and Idul Fitri, his office has prepared 6,114 inter-city/province buses.

“We have prepared all, including railway trains and airplanes,” he added.
Gatot Dewabroto, spokesman for the Ministry of Communication and Information, wants RIM to set up a server locally so encrypted information sent by the phones will not have to be routed through the Canadian company's overseas computers.
"We don't know whether data being sent through BlackBerrys can be intercepted or read by third parties outside the country," he said, expressing concern that information could be used by criminals or spies.
The announcement came hours after Saudi Arabia said its telecom regulator had ordered mobile operators across the kingdom to halt BlackBerry services as of Friday.
The United Arab Emirates, too, plans to shut down e-mail, messaging and Web browsing on BlackBerrys starting in October.
India is in talks with RIM over how information is managed on the devices.
Analysts say RIM's expansion into fast-growing emerging markets is threatening to set off a wave of regulatory challenges, as the device maker's commitment to keep corporate e-mails secure rubs up against the desires of local law enforcement.
RIM has said discussions with the more than 175 countries where it operates are private. It does offer help to governments, but says its technology does not allow it, or any third party, to read encrypted e-mails sent by corporate BlackBerry users. (The consumer version has a lower level of security.)
The e-mails are, however, unencrypted on the servers of corporate clients, and can be obtained from the companies.
Satchit Gayakwad, an RIM spokesman in India, denied there were plans to give the government greater control over surveillance of its corporate clients.
"We won't compromise on the security architecture of our corporate e-mails," he said. "We respect the requirements of regulatory bodies in terms of security, but we also look at the customer's need for privacy."
Dewabroto said Indonesia, one of the largest providers of Blackberry services in Southeast Asia with more than 1 million users, is still just mulling a ban.
But it wouldn't be the first time it has taken on the device maker: Service was blocked in 2008 until RIM agreed to set up sales service centers for users inside the country.
A Saudi security official told AP that security authorities are concerned about being unable to track down the exchange of messages using BlackBerry messenger.
"This service might be used to serve terrorism," the official said.
BlackBerry phones are known to be popular both among businesspeople and youth in the kingdom who see the phones' relatively secure communication features as a way to avoid attention from the authorities.
Several other countries have expressed desire for more control over BlackBerry messaging, including Bahrain, which has threatened to crack down on news dissemination using the devices.
The U.S. State Department criticized the UAE's move earlier this week, saying BlackBerry services were an important part of the free flow of information in a modern society. On Wednesday, spokesman P.J. Crowley said the department is reaching out to countries that are concerned about BlackBerry services to better understand what their issues are.
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